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Toronto Geriatric, Alzheimer's & Dementia Specialist

Dr. David Tal

Dr. David Tal is a specialist in Geriatric Medicine, a fellow of the Royal College of Physicians of Canada and a member of the American College of Physicians. Dr. Tal served 4 years on the board of Alzheimer Society of Toronto,

Dr. Tal brings to the Age Matters Clinic more than 20 years clinical experience, a background in clinical research, and therapeutic optimism that there is treatment and hope for people with Alzheimer's disease and the other dementias.

Dr. Tal has designed and coordinated a program for the early diagnosis and treatment of adult and geriatric clients through their own primary physician, Geriatric Syllabus for Family Practice. Details of this program will be available on the website

Dr. Tal supports the benefits of Cognitive training, physical exercise, and optimal nutrition, all in addition to medication, independent of the severity of their memory problem.

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