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Memory And Aging Clinic Toronto FAQ

How do I arrange for assessment at the Age Matters Clinic for myself or my family member?

Arranging an initial discussion with Dr. Tal is simple.

Your doctor will make a referral, using this website's Contact us link, or by fax to 647-348-2345.

Alternatively, you may refer yourself or your family member directly. Again, you may use the Contact us form or call us directly 647-268-0620. 

Our staff will respond to you by telephone or email and will arrange your initial discussion with Dr. Tal, usually within 2 weeks. At the initial discussion, Dr. Tal will listen to your concerns and questions, will plan and will arrange with you the proper assessment.

How quickly can I or my family member be seen?

New clients are contacted within 2 weeks . Our goal is to complete our assessment within 8 weeks of your initial contact.

Is there any age limit to being seen at the Age Matters Clinic?

There is no formal age limit. Our clients have ranged in age from 40-95.

What does the assessment cost?

The initial discussion is covered by OHIP.
All medical evaluation by Dr. Tal is covered by OHIP.
The in-depth cognitive and functional assessments, and the additional time in preparing the integrated report from the Age Matters clinic, are not OHIP insured.

The fee for the Age Matters Comprehensive Assessment service is $945 and is payable at the feedback session.
The fee includes the Annual Fee above. Plus, this fee covers the staff cost of the in-depth cognitive assessment, as well as non-OHIP insured services of Dr. Tal. These fees are not re-imbursed by private insurers. However, the Age Matters fee is a medical expense and may be claimed on your annual tax return. Most clients receive a tax refund of 30-40%.

For those clients who do not require the Age Matters Comprehensive Assessment, an annual fee of $325 is requested, for the time and efforts expended on your behalf, that are not paid for by the OHIP program.

What about confidentiality?

The Age Matters clinic complies with all provincial and federal privacy laws. Results and recommendations are shared with 3rd parties only with the written consent of the person being evaluated.