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Dr David Tal on Canada AM

Alzheimer's disease is a growing concern for Canadians. With countless men and women already diagnosed - and a new diagnosis made every four seconds - the seriousness of the degenerative brain disease cannot be denied. It affects everything from memory function to personality and independence. How can patients live with Alzheimer's? CTV's Canada AM sat down with The Age Matters Clinic's very own Dr. David Tal. There they discussed what Alzheimer's disease actually is, treatment options, preventative measures, and even potential causes.

Dr. Tal spoke about helping those with Alzheimer's, saying, "my job is to try and take the fear away." The reality? There are many misconceptions about the disease. It can be difficult to understand what a diagnosis really means, which treatment options are best, and what the future has in store. Education is key. It is important for patients who have been diagnosed to understand that "Alzheimer's is a word, not a death sentence. There is treatment." With a better understand of the disease itself and a continued focus on treatment methods, patients can stop living in fear.... and start living with Alzheimer's.

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