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The Best Ways To Keep Your Brain Sharp

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Your brain is a muscle - so use it! When you don't challenge your brain, it can become less effective at remembering and recalling important information. Memory loss is a serious issue that becomes more common as you grow older. However, it doesn't need to control your life. In order to prevent, slow down, or even eliminate memory loss, you need to keep your brain alert and active. This is true for any age group. By focusing on challenging your brain, you can ensure that it continues to work well. Here are some of the best ways to keep your brain sharp.

1) Learn New Things

One of the best ways to keep your brain sharp is to learn new things. Many memory related studies have indicated that learning and processing new information can actually be beneficial to overall memory function. This is because the brain is being used in different ways. When we do the same things over and over again - or read the same information over and over again - our brains aren't being challenged. They don't have to work to process or understand that information. When we learn something new, our brains are alert and are forced to work harder to take in the information. Learning new things doesn't have to be complicated. Try taking an online course, reading a book in a genre that you normally wouldn't, or doing a crossword puzzle. These simple activities can force your brain to work a little bit differently - which is good for you and your memory.

2) Use Your Senses

Don't shy away from using your senses. Touch, taste, smell, sight and hearing, are all ways to keep your brain working well. Essentially, the more senses that your brain uses, the better. When you use a number of different senses at the same time, more parts of the brain are needed to retain the information. So, don't just read a book. Flip through the pages and smell that new book smell. Look at any illustrations that may be on the cover page. Listen to an audio book. Do anything and everything you can to engage your senses. This makes recalling the information that much easier...and it works your brain in a variety of different ways.

3) Eat Well and Exercise

The last way of keeping your brain sharp may not be as fun as reading a book or doing a crossword puzzle. However, a healthy diet and regular exercise can truly benefit your body. Diet and exercise can positively impact your body and mind and can improve your ability to retain information. In fact, a diet that is high in fish, beans, fruits and vegetables, and vitamin B is thought to reduce memory loss and even ward off serious degenerative brain diseases like Alzheimer's. Regular exercise is also important to your brain. Studies indicate that regular exercise three to four times a week can actually improve your memory due to increased oxygen and nutrient delivery throughout the body. Taking care of your body by walking, running, or another type of physical activity can keep your memory sharp and actually improve it.

It is important to keep your brain sharp, whatever age you are. Be sure to challenge your brain and focus on living a healthy lifestyle. These brain-boosting steps can help to prevent memory loss.

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